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Negative Ramifications To Increasing MAXUSER On A Top Secret Facility


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Cleanup Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP Top Secret - VSE


Are there any negative ramifications to increasing the MAXUSER facility control option?


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security


At the startup of a multi user region, the MAXUSER XREF table is built to hold the userid and key.

  • This table is 16 bytes times the MAXUSER value.
  • There is one 16 byte entry for each user that signs on.
  • The table is built in private storage above the line.
  • After the user signs off, the entry in the table for that user is cleared and available to be re-used.

The impact of increasing MAXUSER is the next time the region is started, the XREF table will be larger by:

16 bytes * the difference between the old MAXUSER value and the new MAXUSER value