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SMAuditImport: A new utility to import SiteMinder audit text files into ODBC audit database.


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



Customer is auditing to a text files and he would like to know if there's any utility that can help him to import this information into an ODBC Audit database.


Starting with SiteMinder Policy Server 6 SP5 CR31, SiteMinder Policy Server includes the smauditimport tool.

SMauditimport has been added to the Policy server to allow the loading of SiteMinder text audit files into ODBC databases. The smauditimport tool reads a SiteMinder audit data text file and imports it into an ODBC database that has been pre-configured with the appropriate SiteMinder audit schema.

Usage:  smauditimport fname dsn user password -vfb <bulkloadsize> 
fname:    Full path to the log file you want to import. 
dsn:      Data Source Name. 
user:     DB user name. 
password: DB password. 
-v:      (optional) verify 
-f:      (optional) force 
-b <bulkloadsize>: (optional) number of records to bulk insert at a time. Default is 100. 


smauditimport c:\mylogs\smaccess.log "SM SQL Server Wire DS" dbuser dbpassword 


  • SMAuditImport only imports enhanced audit text files. For more information about enhanced audit format, please check the Knowledge Base article "Enhanced TEXT Auditing Feature in SiteMinder Policy Server" (TEC485123) available at


Component: SMPLC