How can I uninstall "discovered software" from a machine using DSM?
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How can I uninstall "discovered software" from a machine using DSM?


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Sometimes you can find computers which report in their software inventory applications that are not allowed by your company. You, as an administrator, may want to uninstall such software but the DSM console does not allow this feature by itself.


The 'Discovered Software' belongs to the Asset Management feature as it is reported by the computer inventory.

Such unwanted software would probably be installed by the computer end user.

To uninstall the unwanted software from the machines you need to create a "command" type "asset job" in order to run a .bat, .cmd or dmscript file on the machine which will uninstall the application.

You will have to find by yourself the uninstall string or command to uninstall the application as it depends on the installer used by the unwanted application. Searching for it in the software manufacturer WEB site or the following registry keys

Also may be of help.

NOTE: Alternatively you can use a Software Delivery job to deliver the job to the affected computers if the SD plug-in is also installed on the system.


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