CreateWorkflowTask web service method fails with Error Code 1000.
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CreateWorkflowTask web service method fails with Error Code 1000.


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This document explains the requirements and limitations of the CreateWorkflowTask web service method.


Release:  11.x and higher
Component: CA Service Desk Manager, SOAP Web Services


The CreateWorkflowTask web service method can be used to add a workflow task to an existing change order via web services. However, this method may fail with Error Code 1000.

Reasons for failure

  1. Invalid input parameters: Three parameters are mandatory for this method

    1. ObjectHandle: This is the persid of the change order to which the workflow task need to be attached.

    2. CreatorHandle: This is the UUID of the contact creating the workflow task.

    3. TaskType: This is the workflow task type (Approve, Wait etc). The code of a task type need to be used instead of the persid . Ex: The Approval has a code APP and persid of tskty:700. The code APP needs to be used instead of tskty:7002.

    If any input parameter is incorrect, then the web service method fails.

  2. Category missing on change category: The CreateWorkflowTask method only works if the change order has a change category associated with it.

  3. The category associated with the change order is linked to CA Workflow process definition: If the change category on the change order being updated via web service is liked to a process definition in CA Workflow, the web service method fails.

A change order can use either CA Workflow or Classic workflow but not both on the same change order.