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Siebel Connector: Which are the Siebel fields that can be fully administered by CA Identity Manager Provisioning?


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This document describes which Siebel fields can be administered by CA Identity Manager Provisioning.


All single-valued fields that belong to user accounts, positions, divisions and responsibilities can be administered by the Siebel connector. The desired fields to be administered would first need to be mapped to an ETA attribute, and this is done through one of the 'Mapping Table' tabs for the Object type that the field belongs to.Multi-valued fields are not supported.

An administrator can choose to map:

  • up to 20 fields in Siebel user account to user account's attributes.

  • up to 10 fields in Siebel position, responsibility, organization, view and internal division to corresponding Siebel object's attributes. These attributes will, of course, be read-only for organizations and views.

An administrator can explore, create, modify, rename and delete Siebel user accounts, positions, divisions and responsibilities.

An administrator can only explore organizations, views and lists of values.

Note: Only user accounts which have "User ID" field are supported in SBL Connector. Thus it will not be possible to manage Siebel user accounts of "Person" type and other customized accounts without a "User ID". This is not a major problem because these accounts cannot be used to login into Siebel, thus it does not make sense to provision them.


Component: ETRADM