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My DSAs won't start with 'Failed to set pid file <DSA _NAME>' error


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Sometimes, DSA services will suddenly not start following a shutdown of services or a shutdown of the OS. The error reported is 'Failed to set pid file <DSA _NAME>'. This can occur on both Windows or UNIX Operating Systems. This can occur due to a number of reasons such as:

  1. Shutting down the OS while the DSAs are still running.

  2. OS and account permissions have been changed.

  3. %DXHOME%\PID directory was erroneously removed


The solutions to the scenarios above are:

  1. Shutdown the dxserver services by issuing the command
    > dxserver stop all
    Ensure that $DXHOME\Pid or %DXHOME%/Pid directory is empty by deleting all the files inside.
    Check for any dxserver processes which may still be running as these need to be stopped prior to starting the dxserver services again.
    Restart the dxserver services by issuing the command
    > dxserver start all
  2. Check the permissions for the account starting the DSA services. The account needs to have all permissions as well as permissions to the pid folder.

  3. Recreate the PID folder in the DXHOME directory.


Component: ETRDIR