Post Preservation Data process fails with ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/form-data"
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Post Preservation Data process fails with ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/form-data"


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When a form is POSTed with the enctype of the form set to ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/form-data", Post Preservation Data process is not working.

When a form is submitted with ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/form-data", the POSTPRESERVATIONDATA page does not appear and the POSTPRESERVATIONDATA input is empty on the login page.
As a result, no data is reposted to the application after authentication.

If ENCTYPE parameter is removed, the POSTPRESERVATIONDATA page is properly displayed (shortly) and the POSTPRESERVATIONDATA parameter is filled.
Data is correctly reposted to the application after authentication.


With SiteMinder 5.5 and above POST preservation does not support an entity of MIME type multipart/form-data:
When receiving POST data for preservation from a web server, agents are specifically looking for a content-type header with a value of "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" or "text/html". If the content-type header contains anything other than those two values, the agent will not preserve the data.

Since 6QMR5 CR023 multipart/form-data can be used:
67645 The Web Agent has been modified such that multi-part/formsdata forms encoding can now be used safely in conjunction with forms-based authentication. Previously, only application/x-www-form-urlencoded post data was supported across a forms-based authentication challenge.
This enhancement properly preserves multipart form data. This applies to IIS 6.0, re-architected Apache 2.0, re-architected SunOne, IIS5, and Apache 1.3 agents only


Release: ESPSAA99000-5.5-SiteMinder-Extended Support Plus