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With TPX defined as a generic resource, what will a failure (or shutdown) of one TPX look like to the user?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



This document describes what will occur for a user logged on to a TPX that fails or is shut down.


With TPX defined as a generic resource, each TPX will:

  • access the same VSAM Databases (ADMIN1, ADMIN2, MAIL, NOTES, VIEW)
  • use separate TPX VTAM nodes
  • have unique VTAM APPL and unique VTs (virtual terminals)
  • Generic resource ON.

If both TPX started tasks are up at the same time:

  • Sessions will be routed to both TPX started tasks in a round robin fashion.

If one TPX goes down:

  • The remaining TPX task(s) will get all New session requests.
  • Users previously connected to the TPX that is now down will be disconnected from TPX. They will need to log back on to TPX.
  • The sessions (e.g. CICS, TSO, etc.) do NOT get re-established once the user logs back on to the TPX that remains active. Sessions to the applications will be disconnected.  The user has to sign in again to establish session to applications, provided these applications are available. If the LPAR that lost TPX is down, applications running there will not be available.  


Component: TLVIEW