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What is the correct link for instructions on how to download CA Easytrieve release 11.x from Support Online?


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Starting with CA Easytrieve release 11 SP03, the download procedure no longer involves the CAESDR utility.


On the Product Download page, there are two links present for instructions on downloading products. Since you are downloading the

B0SP03ESA00.pax.Z file (CA Easytrieve release 11 SP03) or
B0SP04ESA00.pax.Z (release 11 SP04) or B50000ESA00.pax.Z (release 11.5) or
B60000ESA00.pax.Z (CA Easytrieve release 11.6) instead of an ESD file now, please click on the link for "Pax Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) Guide".

Please do not follow the instructions in the "Traditional Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) Guide" link.


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