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How do you install the IDMS feature with VISION:Results r6?


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Vision:Results Vision:Sixty


VISION:Interface for CA-IDMS/DB 4.0 is a distinct component. Separate documentation and tape are used from that supplied for the VISION:Results 6.0 base product.

VISION:Interface for CA-IDMS/DB 4.0 will work with a new base release such as VISION:Results 6.0. You do not need to reinstall the interface or change anything regarding the interface just because you have a new VISION:Results release.

There have not been any updates to the IDMS interface, so it is exactly the same as used for your current installation, so if you have it, that is fine to use. The load modules delivered with VISION:Interface for CA-IDMS/DB 4.0 have link dates from 1997: DYIDMRUN, DYIDMS, DYLIDMSR, DYLIMOVE, IDMCOPY.

The IDMS interface must be reinstalled when you upgrade your IDMS release, however.

VISION:Interface for CA-IDMS/DB 4.0 is not available online, so if you need to reinstall and do not have the original documentation or tape, then it can be shipped by the CA Order Desk 800 CALL CAI (800.225.5224).


Component: V:RSLT