Using Aion Log Files versus Aion Trace Files
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Using Aion Log Files versus Aion Trace Files


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What are the differences (if any) between the two methods WriteToLog() and WriteToTrace(), and where do the files created by these two methods end up? Also, can these files be written anywhere?



Component: AIONBR


One major difference between the two methods WriteToLog() and WriteToTrace() is the number of arguments taken by each method. The method WriteToLog() takes two arguments where as the method WriteToTrace() takes only one argument. Here is what each method would look like:

WriteToLog(integer, string)

Another difference is the type of files created by these methods. The WriteToLog() method creates a file called aion.log where as WriteToTrace() creates a file called <appname>.trc.

The location of these files also differ. The aion.log file by default always ends up being created in the folder where the application is executed from i.e. where the .app file is located. Currently, Aion r10.2 does not provide an option to specify the location of the aion.log file and by default writes it to the current executing directory (.bin for a compiled AION application). As for the <appname>.trc file, it will get created in the location specified in the IDE under File->Settings->Trace Output Directory. Hence, there is flexibility in specifying the location of the <appname>.trc file but there is no option to specify explicitly where the aion.log file should be written.