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How to restrict the OPT COMPARE to compare versions of a module to certain columns only ( e.g . columns 7 to 72)?


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL Librarian CA 2E


Librarian/VSE 4.1 is using the COMPARATOR 1. This Comparator supports 81-byte fixed length records only, in which case the first byte is assumed to contain an ASA control character and is ignored. The remaining 80 bytes are assumed to contain the data. The 81-byte records must be unblocked. This Comparator 1 does not support the OLDFILE and NEWFILE comparator command as the COMPARATOR 2 which is available only for Librarian/MVS. In Librarian/MVS you can describe the scan positions and length with the OLDFILE and NEWFILE commands.

The Comparator compare restrictions to a column range is not supported by the Librarian/VSE Comparator.


Component: C21E