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Error "Unable to contact CMDB server using the policy file. Make sure CMDB services are running" when installing Visualizer 12.1.


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You may see this error while installing Visualizer 12.1 and following errors may appear in the stdlog file:

servername  sda           3640 SIGNIFICANT  sda.cpp                1884 Policies are initialized properly.servername  boplgin      3644 ERROR           bplaccess.c           3155 AHD04020: Login failed for userid (Administrator); no default role found for session type (3)servername  sda           3640 ERROR           bpserver.c              546 Session ID set to zero in ActiveSession for user Administrator


To resolve the issue, make sure that the default role for the Proxy Contact in the CA_CMDB_VISUALIZER Web Sevices Access Policy is set. Also ensure there are no duplicate contacts. If there are any contacts with duplicate userids, change the system login name on one of the contacts and make it inactive.

Also, verify if the correct user id is defined under proxy contact of CA_CMDB_VISUALIZER policy:

Login to CMDB and go to Administration tab.

  1. Expand Web Services Policy and then click on Policies.
  2. Click on CA_CMDB_VISUALIZER policy and ensure correct user id (Administrator or Service Desk) is defined for the proxy contact. See Below:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1


Component: ARGIS


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