Using Remote Control with OpenGL and Direct3D applications, such as CAD
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Using Remote Control with OpenGL and Direct3D applications, such as CAD


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When remote controlling an application of this type the actual application window is blank on the viewer. This due to the default Driver capture using a low-level video driver to capture the changes to the screen image.


In earlier versions there was no technical resolution to this issue within the product however there is a Published workaround that is detailed in FAQ314784

A fix in the form of RO01360, has been published to allow the Video capture mode to be changed from Driver to Polling. This fix is to be install on top of r11.2C1, but is included in C2 and C3.

To change the Video Capture method you need to alter the policy, "remote control - Host - Video capture" and alter parameter "Video Capture Mode".

Video Capture Mode indicates the video capture mode for capturing screen changes. There are two methods of capturing screen changes, Driver capture and Polling capture. Driver capture uses a low-level video driver to capture the changes to the screen image. Polling capture works by periodically scanning the screen image for changes.

Typically, the Driver capture mode provides better performance than the Polling capture mode. However, there are some types of applications that cannot be captured by the Driver capture method. These are typically OpenGL or Direct3D based applications, such as computer-aided design applications.

The polling capture mode is capable of capturing screen changes from OpenGL & Direct3D applications.

There are three video capture mode settings for the Remote Control host:

  • Auto

    In this mode, Driver capture is used if it is available. If the video driver cannot be installed for some reason, or the machine resources are too limited to load the driver, Polling capture is used as a fallback.

  • Driver

    Driver capture is used exclusively. There is no fallback to Polling mode if the Driver mode is unavailable.

  • Polling

    Polling mode is used exclusively. Use for OpenGL & Direct3D applications.

Default: Auto

Note: Secure Control mode is not available if "Polling" capture mode is used, support for Secure Control Mode with "Polling" capture Mode is targeted for inclusion in the next major release.

Note: Mac OS X Hosts do not have a Driver mode of video capture. They rely on a specially enhanced Polling capture mode, which uses low-level OS support to accelerate video capture. Therefore, modifying this setting has no effect on this platform.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence