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An Identity Manager task will get stuck in Workflow if the name of the IM resource has changed and cannot be directly deleted from the Workpoint Designer.


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If for example, an Approve Role Membership task has been sent to Workflow, but the name of the role has been changed in Identity Manager, the task will not complete because the assigned resource no longer exists by the originally specified name.

In Identity Manager, this task will be stuck "In Progress" Logging into the Workpoint designer, the task cannot be deleted, as an error is thrown because a parent task could not be deleted.

RecordSetException occurred: Unable to delete Job 110509:WPDS it is being used by 1 other objects.

When trying to delete the parent task, they are told that the child cannot be deleted.


To resolve the issue, open the Workpoint Designer and find the stuck job. Right click on the job and open the parent job. When the Workflow diagram screen appears, select the stuck node. Right click and cancel this node. At this point will be able to delete the parent object from the Designer interface which will also delete the child jobs.


Component: IDMGR