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Receiving IRX0435E and IRX0043I error messages with OMVS which appear to be related to the BPXWIRAC exec?


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When trying to execute the OMVS setup verification program via the prefix.OESVP.EXEC protocol in TSO ishell we are getting:

IRX0435E An invalid record was found during exec load. This is an internal error.
   1208 +++ call bpxwirac arg(1)
   1152 +++ call irac "altuser ("userid()") omvs(home('/tmp'))"
   1080 +++ call runomvs 'ckomvs.profile'
IRX0043I Error running exec, line 1208: Routine not found

These errors can be caused by the BPXWIRAC REXX exec not being found in the user's TSO Exec DD (SYSEXEC) or mixed RECFM datasets in the concatenation.


IBM provides a TSO REXX exec, BPXWIRAC, which is used to interface between the OMVS ISHELL and RACF. CA ACF2 provides a substitute for this exec in the CA ACF2 installation CAIREXX data set. This file contains a member with the name BPXWIRAC. To install this, ensure that the CA ACF2 CAIREXX data set is added to the desired TSO PROC and ensure that this data set is concatenated ahead of the data set containing the IBM version of BPXWIRAC.

A common cause of the IRX0435E and IRX0043I errors is that the TSO Exec DD (SYSEXEC) contains a mixed concatenation of RECFM=FB and RECFM=VB datasets. Mixing RECFM's in data set concatenated to SYSEXEC is not allowed and doing may cause various unpredictable results.

Another cause of the IRX0435E and IRX0043I errors is if the ACF2 CAIREXX library that contains BPXWIRAC is changed from RECFM=FB(as distributed) to RECFM=VB and the line numbers are not removed.

Details on BPXWIRAC can be found in the CA ACF2 Security for z/OS Administrator Guide in Chapter 21: z/OS UNIX System Services Support, section "TSO ISHELL Support".


Component: ACF2MS


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