What can cause a lack of notification log materials?
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What can cause a lack of notification log materials?


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Sometimes the ‘Notification History…’ available in ‘View’ menubar inside the Incident detail page, shows not at all or only few notifications and not all the ones really sent out. 


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9CA Service Desk Manager 14.1


The problem could be due to the 'log_all_notify' option not installed. 


To install the 'log_all_notify' option:

1. go in Administration tab, Options Manager, Notification and verify what is the status for the ‘log_all_notify’ option

2. if it is not installed, click on the option, click on 'Edit', click on 'Install'

Additional Information

It could be relevant to verify what is the content of the db in reference to the notifications.

To do that, a query can be run on the ‘not_log’ table, the table containing all the notifications.


1. via SQLServer Management studio, find the persid of the incident being evaluated:

    select persid from call_req where ref_num = '<incident_number>'

    where <incident number> is the reference number (ref_num) of the incident displayed in Service Desk.


2. using the persid found in step 1:

    select * from not_log where cntxt_obj = '<persid found in previous search>'


In this way we get all the notifications, related to the specific incident identified by ‘<incident_number>’, stored in the database.

The result can then be compared to what is displayed in Notification History.