How to correct TMSPTRS ERR39?
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How to correct TMSPTRS ERR39?


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This document will instruct you on how to correct an ERR39 message out of TMSPTRS.


Using the ISPF panels for CA 1 or TMSBINQ (batch job) list the VOLSER in the ERR39 message.

If the EXPDT is in the past, all you will need to do is to change the VOLSEQ to 1. This can be done via the CA 1 ISPF panels or TMSUPDTE.

If the EXPDT is in the future, then you will need to find the other tapes that should be chained to this one. The best place to start this research is in the ICF catalogs. You can use IDCAMS or ISPF to do a LISTCAT ENT('your DSN') ALL. If the data set is found then check all of the VOLSERs that are listed with the TMC entries to make sure that CA 1 has all of them and they have not been reused. If the data set is not cataloged you can use EARL or TMSGRW to list all volumes with the same DSN as the volume with the error. In the output check the VOLSEQ of each tape found to see if you have a set (no missing numbers). Also check to see if these are correctly chained to other volumes. If you have all of them, you can run TMSMULV and CA 1 will rechain these volumes and correct the pointer errors. If the other tapes found belong to a correctly chained set then this one tape with the ERR39 will need to have the VOLSEQ changed to 1 to correct the error.

An ERR39 is normally caused by a multivolume set being scratched and then unscratched by changing the EXPDT back to a date in the future. When this is done, many customers will change the EXPDT on all volumes in the set, but they do not run TMSMULV or manually rechain the volumes. At this point the first volume of the set will be scratched when the new EXPDT is met, but volumes with a VOLSEQ greater than 1 will not be scratched, and TMSPTRS will list them with the ERR39 message.


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