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Procedure to Enlarge your CA Datacom/AD Log (LXX) file for CA Jobtrac


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There may come a time when your LOG (LXX) file is constantly filling up causing you to continuously to run Spill jobs. This means that your Log (LXX) file is to small. The following solution will aid you in enlarging your Log (LXX) file.



Component: JOBTRC


How to increase the size of LOG (LXX) file.

  1. Stop all occurrences of CA Jobtrac Job Management

  2. Everyone must logged off CA Jobtrac JM ISPF sessions.

  3. Run member DBSPILL which is located in your CA Jobtrac JM SAMPJCL library.

  4. Stop your MUF.

  5. Rename your old Log (LXX) file.

  6. Run member DBLXX which is located in your CA Jobtrac JM SAMPJCL library to create a larger LOG (LXX) file.

  7. Start your MUF.

  8. Start CA Jobtrac JM back up.