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Why might Email Notification not be working in CA Jobtrac Job Management?


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Here are areas to check if Email Notification not working with CA Jobtrac JM.



Component: JOBTRC



Things to check if Email Notification is not working:

Check the CA Jobtrac JM log to see if there are any messages. Looking at the message in the Message Guide may point you to the problem.

Verify that you can ping the name or IP address specified in the EMAILSRV keyword in the JOBTRA00 from the system where the primary CA Jobtrac JM is running. If not, problem is your TCPIP networking. If you are using a DNS, try using the server's IP address instead.

If there are no messages are being generated and you can ping the server, verify that the email option is set in the SYS OPTS:

Email Notification (Y/N) => Y

If this value is set to N and message TRAC131I is being generated, errors are occurring when trying to connect to the SMTP server. Look at the associated messages (TRAC130I or TRTAC132I) for error details. Contact your email administrator to see what errors are being generated on in the SMTP server.

Specify an email address in the EMAILFROM keyword in JOBTRA00 that has your site's domain name. For example, if your domain name is, specify [email protected] Recycle CA Jobtrac JM and retest.

Specify an actual email address in the EMAILFROM keyword in JOBTRA00. Recycle CA Jobtrac JM, and retest. If this works, you may need to define a email address to the SMTP server for CA Jobtrac JM to use.