Mismatch of "Baseline Usage" between PPM and DWH


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The "Baseline Usage" values in PPM and DWH do not match under certain circumstances.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a Project

2. Allocate a team member

3. Assign this resource to a task, say Task 0

4. Assign this same resource to another task, say Task 1

5. Create a baseline

6. Lets say the “Baseline Usage” shown at this point is 250 (under the “Team” tab)

7. Running the Load Data Warehouse job will put Baseline Usage = 250, in the DWH

8. Go ahead and delete the assignment made on Task 1 at step 4

9. The PPM UI (under “Team” tab) will still report Baseline Usage at 250

10. But on running the Load Data Warehouse job, the Baseline Usage available in the DWH will be, say 150

11. This results in users seeing different values in the PPM UI (under “Team” tab) and in the DWH.


Caused by DE31586


Release: All PPM Releases



This happens because Load Data Warehouse job picks up Baseline Usage by filtering for “PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS.OBJECT_TYPE” = “TEAM”, but the Load Data Warehouse gets the Baseline Usage data by filtering for “PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS.OBJECT_TYPE” = “ASSIGNMENT”