Disable selective ENF events in CA Scheduler Job Management.
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Disable selective ENF events in CA Scheduler Job Management.


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Scheduler Job Management



Disabling unnecessary ENF events can improve CA Scheduler JM performance. The CA Scheduler JM initialization statement CAS9 ENF allows events JOBPRINT, JOBPURGE and DSCLOSE to be turned off without affecting other ENF applications. 



You may have multiple copies of CA Scheduler JM but do not need to process all event types from CA ENF. For example, the DSCLOSE event may be needed for one copy of CA Scheduler JM but is not needed in a secondary copy of CA Scheduler JM. You have the ability to disable the DSCLOSE event in the secondary copy with the use of CAS9 ENF command in the initialization options. In this scenario, the CAS9 ENF command would be: 

                   JOBPURGE=YES,      USE JOBPURGE EVENT
                   DSCLOSE=NO        USE DATASET CLOSE EVENT

Here are the descriptions of the event types which are optional and can help with CA Scheduler JM performance.

DSCLOSE events are used to satisfy DSN and GDG criteria.
Important! We strongly recommend DSCLOSE=NO for sites that do not use DSN or GDG criteria.

JOBPRINT events are used for station 60 which are print station jobs.
Important! We recommend JOBPRINT=NO is recommended for sites that do not use station 60 jobs.

JOBPURGE events perform two functions where it will mark station 40 jobs with a status of Completed as Purged and complete station 60 jobs.
Important! We recommend JOBPURGE=NO for sites that do not use station 60 jobs and are satisfied with a status of Completed for station 40 jobs (instead of Purged).

When these events are set to YES in CA Scheduler JM, they must also be activated in CA ENF otherwise CA Scheduler JM cannot get to these events. 


Additional Information: 

Refer to the CA Scheduler Job Management Systems Programmer Guide. Chapter 2, Initialization. 


As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Scheduler if you have further questions.



Release: SCHED.00200-11-Scheduler-Job Management