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How to enable the AUTOPROC option from the JCLCheck Workload Automation ISPF panel interface


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JCLCheck Workload Automation



The Autoproc runtime option enables  JCLCheck to extract the cataloged procedure library (PROCLIB) from the JES2 or JES3 address space, making it unnecessary  to allocate your system proclibs when running JCLCheck.   This Knowledge Document describes how to set the Autoproc option when running the JCLCheck WA ISPF panel interface.




To enable the AUTOPROC option for thJCLCheck WA ISPF panel interface, modify CLIST member JCKUSR from the CAZ2CLS0 library, and set variable &AUTOP to Y (SET &AUTOP = Y). This option will get populated to the  JCLCheck ISPF panels and will be shown as "AU" in the list of runtime options. If Alternate Proclib is also enabled, the AUtoproc option will override the Alternate Proclibs.

To override the system proclib and use a user-defined proclib, the JCLCheck WA runtime option OPROC or OPROCLIB should be used.