After a recent install of IDMS Server, the IDMS Server ODBC Administrator connection takes a very long time to connect. What could be the cause for this slow response time?
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After a recent install of IDMS Server, the IDMS Server ODBC Administrator connection takes a very long time to connect. What could be the cause for this slow response time?


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IDMS Server ODBC connection to the IDMS mainframe has very slow response time. What is causing this delay?


If ODBC transaction connections to the IDMS Mainframe have very slow response time, then check the following settings:

  1. Verify that all the IDMS SERVER Client Tracing options are turned off (unchecked).

    1. Bring up IDMS Server ODBC Administrator on your PC.

      (START->Programs->CA->CA IDMS Server->ODBC Administrator)

    2. Select the appropriate Data Source. Double-click the data source name to edit it.

    3. Take the "Log Options" tab.

    4. De-select all of the "Client Trace" check boxes.

    5. Click on the "Apply" button.

    6. Click OK on all dialog boxes to get out.

    7. Re-test.

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      Figure 1

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      Figure 2

      Note: If a user installs a new release of IDMS Server, and hasn't done a full uninstall (the default is to leave the data sources and options intact), then the client trace settings will be as they were previously. If any client trace options were turned on (checked), they will still be turned on after the install.

  2. If the ODBC driver manager trace is on that can seriously slow performance as well. To check this, bring up the IDMS Server ODBC Administrator, but before double-clicking a data source, choose the Tracing panel.

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    Figure 3

  3. Other possibilities are that tracing could be turned on within IDMS (like a Pterm trace) or in CCIMVS. Typically these traces should only be turned on when directed by Level 2.

  4. Test response time from the CCIPC client to CCI on the mainframe. If the slowness is in CCI (response time should be within 1 tenth of a second); check for messages in these MVS systems (CCS390 (Common System Services); CAIENF; CAICCI).

    On your PC; in Computer Associates/CAICCI/PC/CAICCI-PC Configuration, go to the 'Test' tab and see how long it takes to respond. Again response time should be within 1 tenth of a second.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 4

  5. Verify that IDMS, CCIMVS and TCPIP are all in a high performance group on the mainframe. See CA IDMS System Operations Guide, Appendix A.3 Performance Considerations for information on assignment of the IDMS system as a high priority.

  6. Test response time to the mainframe using the ping command. On your PC, from the START/Run prompt (DOS Command Prompt); issue a 'ping <IP address|hostname>'. An example of the 'ping IP address' is 'ping 123.456.78.90'. The hostname is the TCP/IP name of the mainframe logical partition name (LPAR) where the IDMS Central Version or Region is executing. The output from the command will show the response times in microseconds. If the response time is greater than expected, this is probably due to a problem in the network itself. In this case, check with your Network Administrator.

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