Modify Survey URL that is sent to client in email notifications/surveys.
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Modify Survey URL that is sent to client in email notifications/surveys.


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


This document explains how to change the available settings for the Web CGI URL for Surveys.


Release:  17.1 and higher
Component: SDWEBS


Do the following:

  1. Log onto Service Desk as an administrator

  2. Click on Administration tab.

  3. Administrator tab -> Options Manager -> Notifications -> Change the 'web_cgi_url' Option value to have the new address.

  4. Click on Save

  5. Recycle the Service Desk Services for the changes to take affect.


Additional Information

About web_cgi_url Option:

This option is used in notifications to allow the recipient of an email to click on a URL and view the object they were notified about. It is also used in survey notifications, as well as integration with Advanced Knowledge Tools and Collaboration Tools (formally, Human Touch).

To properly build a URL for a user to reach the Service Desk, a reference to the web interface is needed. This option's value should be the web interface's URL, which is used to access the Service Desk web component.

The value should have the following syntax, where hostname is the location of your web server:

http://hostname/CAisd/pdmweb.exe or https://hostname/CAisd/pdmweb.exe (In case of Secured Sites)