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In PTIMSG output from a PDA statistics collection, the ACCESS parameter is listed 3 times. What do these mean (they can be different values)


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Example PDA output as follows. Values can be different and cause confusion over there meaning.

  1. Options specified when procedure was SUBMITted:
    STATS ID: ssid BUFFERS: 0360 ERRORS : 0010
    WTOR CD : 00 SCAN : 0006 ACCESS : VSAM
  2. PTIIPT input control cards:

    check the first control card, in column 32

    e.g. x'88' this means use VSAM access, extract procedure.

    (The description of values in this control card are listed in Appendix C of the PDA Ref Guide.)

  3. Collection of data statistics Started - Subsystem - ssid

    Access: V/EXCP Buffers: 0360 Scans: 0006 Scantype: FASTSCAN


The first two values listed represent the "Obj Read Access" value of the user's PDA Profile at the time the extract JCL was created.

The third value actually represents the access method used.

This can be different (as in the example given) as the value of EXCP_READ_ACCESS in the PDA member of the users PARMLIB can affect the ACCESS used.

In this case EXCP_READ_ACCESS is set to TS_COLL so overrides the value of VSAM that was defined in the profile.


Component: DBA