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I have created a new CICS region, but CA ACF2 CICS fails to start. What is missing? Is there any checklist of requirements that can be checked prior to starting CICS?


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There are several requirements to enable the CA ACF2 CICS interface in CICS regions. These include CA Common Services requirements as well as CA ACF2 CICS requirements.


CA ENF requirements:

  • The CA ACF2 CICS provided module J161DCM2 must be installed in the ENF database. In the CA ACF2 CICS provided jcl library, member ENFACF2 performs this task.

  • The required CA ENF parameters (in the ENFPARM dataset/member) are:

    • CICSREL(n1,n2,...) - specify the relevant CICS releases; for example: CICSREL(64,65) for CTS 3.1 and 3.2

      Note: if CICSREL is not specified it will load all CAIENF/CICS interface modules for all releases of CICS into CSA.

    • MODE(CICS,ON) - this starts the ENF/CICS component of ENF.

CA ACF2 CICS requirements:

  • Verify that the CA ACF2 CICS libraries are specified in the STEPLIB and RPLLIB DD concatenations in the CICS region startup JCL.

  • Verify the ACF2PARM DD statement in the CICS region startup JCL is pointing to the correct parameters, or use Control CIC records in the ACF2 InfoStorage database to specify the ACF2 CICS parameters.

  • Verify the CICS region logonid record has the ACF2CICS privilege.

  • Verify the ACF2 CICS default logonids exist in the ACF2 logonid database.

NOTE: You can optionally execute the ACFAEPLT program during the PLTPI processing phase to ensure that the CA ACF2 CICS interface security has been properly initialized in a CICS region. When installed, should the ACFAEPLT program detect that the CA ACF2 CICS interface has not been properly initialized, it writes message ACFAE028 to the console and will then abend the region with a new user abend code, U0769. Installation details can be found in the CA ACF2 CICS Support Guide, Chapter 3, under "Modify the PLTPI Table for the ACFAEPLT Initialization Check Program (Optional)."


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