What are the different types of Administrators in TPX?
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What are the different types of Administrators in TPX?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



The administration structure allows administrators to maintain system, application, and user options that govern how this product operates in a given environment. This administration can be distributed among several administrators who each have a different area of responsibility, or it can be assigned to a single person.


Regardless of the number of administrators you define for your site, this product recognizes four types of administrative authority:

  • Master administrator

    Distributes administration responsibilities by defining other administrators. Administration is usually distributed among a number of administrators who each have a different area of responsibility. Some sites assign all duties to a single person.

  • User administrator

    Define and modify user characteristics, and how to define profiles to simplify user definition and maintenance. You can also limit the amount of control that the users have over their options.

  • System administrator

    Defines system characteristics such as performance, storage, and operational parameters. It also shows you how to define default user and application characteristics. Special system customization tasks are discussed in the Systems Programmer Guide.

  • Operator administrator

    Defines and maintains the TPXOPER command class tables. The TPXOPER command class tables determine which commands an operator can execute in a TPXOPER session to display performance data and other information about users, sessions, and terminals. The TPXOPER command classes that you create are assigned to users by a user administrator.


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