The reports in Infoview do not load when using the correct logon credentials.
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The reports in Infoview do not load when using the correct logon credentials.


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At times the web reports in Infoview do not load even after a successful login. This problem is caused by incorrect NTFS permissions on the CA Business Intelligence install folders. This document explains the permissions that are required on the CABI install folders.


The web reports will not load in Infoview if a BusinessObjects Enterprise component is running on a user account that does not have the required NTFS permissions.

All the components in CA Business Intelligence use the Local System account by default. This can be verified by following the steps given below

  1. On the CABI server, open Central Management Server

  2. Right click on any CABI component and select Properties. See Fig 1

    Fig 1

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

    Given below is the list of folders and NTFS permissions required for the Account used by the CABI components.



Read and Execute

  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Web Content\Enterprise115

  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\win32_x86

  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\FileStore\Input

  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\FileStore\Output

  • C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

  • The system's temporary directory

  • C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Logging

  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\FileStore\Input

  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\FileStore\Output

  • \CommonReporting\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Web Content


Component: ARGIS


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