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Identity Manager r12 - How to specify the view/table through Connector Xpress - Identifying Attribute Must be Mapped?


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When attempting to configure specific SQL attributes through Connector Xpress, you see the following error: Identifying Attribute Must be Mapped: eTDYNAccountName


How to specify the view/table through Connector Xpress?

Issue Example #1:

When connecting to the SQL Database you see the attributes in a system table, however, not the one(s) needed.
How do you point to the view/table that you need so you can use this table to create global users within IDM?


The Identity Manager SQL connector only manages SQL Logins, not data in tables. So if you are looking to use data in tables as userIDs, you will need to use the Connector Express and JDBC connection to define a custom connector.

Connector Express is located on the Identity Manager Provisioning Components CD image.

Issue Example #2:

When connecting to the SQL view (through Connector express) you are not seeing the IDM Global user attributes within the attributes column (see image below).

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1


You will not see a larger number of attributes in the "Attribute" drop down list within the Connector Xpress Step "Map Account Table", even if you have an attribute set for the Global User in IDM. This is because they are defined as "Null" in the SQL Db Table.

You will see the following error after adding a key to the SQL table and clicking the Next button.

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 2


This issue is the result of creating a Database Table where ALL fields allow NULLs.
Connector Xpress is unable to determine which field is the primary field because none are REQUIRED.
If you make the appropriate field REQUIRED on the Database Table then you will be able to map the eTDynAccount field.


Component: IDMGR


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