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How to archive and purge tickets based on a particular Priority?


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Follow the below steps:

  1. Login to Service Desk as an Administrator.

  2. Click on the Administration Tab.

  3. Expand Archive and Purge -> Select Archive and Purge Rules.

  4. Click on the Create New button to create a new record rule to enter data.

  5. To archive and purge based on Priority then in the Additional query field enter
    priority = Enum Value

    For E.g. if you want to archive Priority 1 tickets then in the additional query field enter the enum value of Priority 1.
    priority = 5

    PriorityValue on InterfaceEnum Value
    HIGH Priority15
    MEDIUM-HIGH Priority24
    MEDIUM Priority33
    MEDIUM-LOW Priority42
    LOW Priority51
    Priority unassignedNone0

  6. Save and run the rule.

    This will archive and purge based on the priority specified.


Component: ARGIS