Performance problem when running Transaction Enabler on AIX.
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Performance problem when running Transaction Enabler on AIX.


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A Performance Degradation was noticed where there was a 400ms delay for each transaction when running on AIX compared to when running on Solaris.


This was primarily due to the setting of the TCPIP subsystem parameter, tcp_nodelayack on the AIX platform.

A system running a TE uses two sockets. One socket is used for the funnel to listen for clients and the other is used for the aefad to listen for funnels and application programs (aka, cooperative servers).

Each socket will incur the 200ms overhead if the system is using the default value of the tcp_nodelayack. So the amount of the delay observed by on AIX as opposed to Solaris was due primarily to the default setting of this parameter.

This parameter can be changed using the command "no -o tcp_nodelayack=1" from the command line (as 'root'). After restarting the Transaction Enabler, the effects of the changed parameter should make the performance problem disappear.


Release: KGNCRK05500-8-Gen-CLS Runtime Kit-for Unisys