VIDEO: RC/Migrator COPY GROUPS used for Group Migration Analysis.
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VIDEO: RC/Migrator COPY GROUPS used for Group Migration Analysis.


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS



This is a video tutorial on how to use RC/Migrator COPY GROUPS for use with the Group Migration Analysis.


COPY GROUP's used for Group Migrations implement the ability to generate DDL to carry out multiple migrations in one analysis job. The members are used to define each target location which may indeed be on the same subsystem as the source object or be on other subsystems. Global changes are used to optionally alter the names of the objects to be migrated if required.

Using a Group Migration Analysis saves the user submitting multiple individual analysis jobs and both the date of the analysis and the date of the execution are stored for the user to view as an audit trail.

Video: "RC/Migrator COPY GROUPS used for Group Migration Analysis."

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