Error when attempting to view/download an attachment: AHD04401:Authentication failure
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Error when attempting to view/download an attachment: AHD04401:Authentication failure


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When attempting to view an attachment, you receive the following error:

AHD04401:Authentication failure 

In the STDlog you see the following:

URI from session 759776535 POSTDATA: Error_Msg=AHD11016:Failed%20to%20download%20the%20file%20'how%20to%20tell%20a%20server%20has%20been%20rebooted.txt'%20(file%20does%20not%20exist). ErrorCode=8 SID=759776535FID=6579OP=DISPLAY_FORMHTMPL=attmnt_download_done.htmpl


CA Service Desk Manager - ALL VERSIONS


The first error message on screen may be a bit misleading as it mentions "authentication" - however that is just a side effect of the actual underlying problem.   The messages in the STDlogs show that that the system is not able to find the physical file which the attachment record is pointing to.    

There are two common causes for this problem:

1. The system with the problem was created as a copy of another environment - such as a Test or Dev system that was created with Data and Customizations from Prod.  However, the attachment files were not brought over to the new (copied) environment, and thus the attachment db records point to files that do not exist on the server.

2. The repository location was changed on the repository record itself, however the physical files were not moved to the new location, thus the repository is looking for a file in the wrong place.


To resolve this issue, you must ensure that the attachment files exist on the system, and are located in the proper directory for which the repository is pointing to.

Additional Information

For additional information on configuring Attachment Repositories, see the following section of the documentation: