Right-click menu options missing in Portal Explorer using non-English browser.
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Right-click menu options missing in Portal Explorer using non-English browser.


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In Portal Explorer, when you right-click on an Object (for example, a BPV Object) it should show four options, such as Expand all, Reload, Acknowledge, and Post/Unpost. These options do not appear when Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) Language is set to a non-English language. However, these options will appear if Browser Language is set to English.


As shown in the first screenshot, when you right-click a BPV, it shows a default browser menu and not does not display Portal menu options. The reason this happens is that the "menu_XX.xml" (XX -> Language Code, Example: IT (ITALIAN)) file is missing in "X:\Program Files\CA\SC\Unicenter Management Portal\webpages\tndportal\lang" folder. This folder contains the "menu_en.xml" only for the English version. Currently there is only an English version of "menu_en.xml" file, so you must modify it to fit your non-English needs.

To create a non-English menu file

  1. Copy the file menu_en.xml and rename it to menu_XX.xml in the same folder, with XX representing your language abbreviation.

    For example:
    menu_it.xml    => Italianmenu_fr.xml    => French
  2. Open the file to translate the label values to your local language.

  3. Verify the fix: Reopen Portal and right-click on a BPV object.
    It will display the expected options as shown in the second screenshot.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 2


Component: UNILWP


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