What are relevant logs for database upgrade to CA SCM r 12.0 using hdbsetup?
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What are relevant logs for database upgrade to CA SCM r 12.0 using hdbsetup?


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There are several logs in CA_SCM_HOME/log after upgrade. Below is a list of those logs.


After successful upgrade to CA SCM 12.0 using hdbsetup upgrade repository option, the hdbsetup utility produces several logs. See below for details:

Updateschema.log : This is the main log that records changes made on CA_SCM database schema. It might also include CA_SCM database data changes if deemed necessary during the upgrade. It is recommended to review this log after the database upgrade. If you find an error in this log, please contact CA_SCM tech support and forward this file to the support issue because the contents of this file can help support identify the problem that happened during the upgrade. Updateschema.log will be overwritten if the upgrade is rerun.
  • Hbsetup.log: This logs all the hdbsetup sessions and execution of any options. It reports any error or failure when executing options. This file will keep history as it keeps appending.
  • convpw.log: This file reports the user/password encryption results using both the old CAcrypto engine and the new CA ETPKI.

NOTE: The convpw (convert password) command-line utility converts the CACE encrypted user passwords stored in the CA SCM database tables and the various dfo files to the eTPKI encrypted format.

  • iflog.log: This file reports the results for LOAD XML FORM TEMPLATES to database.
  • iplog.log: This file reports the results for LOAD PROJECT TEMPLATES database.
  • enctemplog.log: This file reports temporary encrypted user information saved while loading xml form template or project template.
  • It is recommended to review all logs which are relevant to upgrade to ensure successful upgrade.


Component: HDATA