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How can we start Alchemist in a way that will prohibit requests from starting or completing?


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Alchemist TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



Occasionally, you may want to start Alchemist but inhibit requests from running immediately. Perhaps:

  • A particular request has caused problems that required Alchemist to be stopped.
  • A scheduled request that should no longer be run will start when Alchemist is started, but you don't want it to run now.


  1. Restart a single Alchemist with MTL=0 (defined in PARMLIB). MTL is t he number of concurrent Request Execution (RX) engines the Alchemist SR starts.
  2. Terminate (T) the offending request.
  3. Wait for change request to go to FAIL or CANCELED status.
  4. If "Run Ptry" (Priority) on the Request Index changes to "T" and no further progress is seen, you may need to shut down and restart Alchemist for the request to get to CANCELED status.
  5. If the request is in FAIL status, address individual error messages or HOLD (H) all failed entities within the request. Then re-release the request so that it ends up in COMPLETE status, or terminate as soon as it goes to BUSY-OBT so that it will end up as CANCELED.

NOTE: It is very important that you do not leave or archive a request in FAIL, FAIL-R, FAIL-I or FAIL-W status. Entities within a request of this status are considered active and this will inhibit processing of the same entities within another package.


Component: ALCMST