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CA Worldview Severity Propagation Service depends on Microsoft Message Queueing service.


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CA Unicenter NSM



On some machines, the "CA Worldview Severity Propagation" service depends on the "Message Queuing" service. However, on other machines, the Severity Propagation service does not depend on Message Queuing. Why is this?


The CA Worldview Severity Propagation service will use the Microsoft Message Queueing service if it is present. If MSMQ service is not installed then windows API will be used by severity propagation service to send notifications. However, this MSMQ service is not required for Severity Propagation to function properly. If the MS Message Queueing service is already installed at the time that NSM is installed, then the NSM install utility will create the CA Severity Propagation service with a dependency on the Message Queuing service. But if Message Queueing is not installed at the time that NSM is installed, then the Severity Propagation service will not be created with this dependency. This behavoir was introduced in r11.2.


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.2-Management-for Microsoft Exchange