SDM: How to turn off the session_log table recording if this information is not being used for reporting purposes?


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If the information in the session_log table, recording session logins and session logouts, is not currently used for reporting purposes, the Service Desk Administrator may want to turn off the session_log recording.
It is possible to turn off this session_log recording.


Release: 14.1 and higher
Component: CA Service Desk Manager


If customer is not using the session_log table information for reporting on users log in and out of Service Desk; then you can turn off session logging by placing the following parameter in NX.env and recycling service:


Note: to preserve this change after pdm_configure the variable need to be added as well in the NX.env_nt.tpl template file in NX_ROOT/pdmconf.

Additional Information

Configuring this setting as described above will halt all session_log related content.  An observed consequence is that Contact records' Event Log entries will not list session_log related content, including user login times.  

As of this writing, it is not possible to disable session_log recording while continuing to allow the Contact record's event logs to continue registering user login content.