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When submitting a PDA extract there are two places to enter the "J" or "D" options for jcl destination. Why are there two and what do they do?


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When you first submit an extract you are presented with Panel id "RAPESMN": "SUBMIT - BUILD JCL PARAMETERS" screen.
On this screen you will see:

RAPESMN   R11.5  ----  SUBMIT - BUILD  JCL PARAMETERS ----   2009/02/24 06:39COMMAND ==>                                                                              Loc: LOCAL --------------------- DB2 ID: ssid -------------- User ID: useridEXECUTION OPTIONS          Proc: A001       Desc: TEST  Edit Objects ==> N  2 - SELECTED;     2 - AVAILABLE  Edit Reports ==> N  0 - SELECTED;     0 - AVAILABLE  Edit Actions ==> N  1 - SELECTED;     1 - AVAILABLE                                                                                Execution Mode  ==> B  (B)atch, (O)nline  Collection Type ==> R   Create Reports ==> N   Create Action JCL ==> Y                                                                              COLLECTION OPTIONS  Statistics Subsystem ==> ssid   EXCP Buffers ==> 0360   WTOR Code ==> 00  Audit Errors Allowed ==> 0010   Nbr of Scans ==> 0006   CPUs Avail:    8REPORT OPTIONS  Redirection ==> N   Lib ==> 'libname'ACTION OPTIONS  Action JCL Destination  ==> D       Member ==> memname  Action JCL Library      ==> 'libname'  Related Models: Jobcard ==> MJJOBCD    Pre ==>           Post ==>  Related Models Library  ==> 'model libname'

After entering relevant info on this screen and pressing enter you will get to :Panel id "PTPBMOD" "Batch JCL Specification" screen.
This may be immediately after entering from panel id "RAPESMN" or perhaps later depending on whether you elect to create action jcl.

On "Batch JCL Specification" screen you will see:

EXECUTION SPECIFICATIONS: DESTINATION    ===>      (J - JES, D - Dataset, P - Preview JCL)

What is the meaning of these settings, what is the difference?


Firstly, you can enter PF1 on the two screens described to get online help information for these fields.

The two "destination" entries relate to two different jcls that are created.

The first entry on "SUBMIT - BUILD JCL PARAMETERS" screen determines whether action jcl that will be generated, (if selected) will be saved to dataset or executed when created. (If "Create Action JCL" is set to "N" on this screen then the "Action JCL Destination" entry will be ignored.

The second entry on "Batch JCL Specification" screen determines whether the PDA job jcl that will be generated as a result of submitting the extract procedure will be executed immediately, copied to a dataset or previewed on screen.

For Example.
I have an extract procedure that is tied to an Action procedure to generate a reorg.
If I submit the extract procedure this will generate PDA job jcl.
When run this PDA job will generate Reorg JCL for the objects selected in the extract procedure.

The "Action JCL Destination" entry on panel id "RAPESMN" specifies what to do with the reorg jcl.
The "DESTINATION" entry on panel id "PTPBMOD" specifies what to do with the PDA job jcl.


Component: DBA