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What do I backup when doing a system backup of CA Directory r8.1 and Ingres?


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There are two different types of backups that can be performed when backing up CA Directory r8.1 and the embedded Ingres RDBMS. The first is a full system backup with Ingres and CA Directory shutdown, and the second is with CA Directory and Ingres running.
This techdoc will explain each of the backup types in detail.


This solution assumes that the installation location for both CA Directory and Ingres are the standard default installation locations. If you have installed either CA Directory or Ingres into different locations, then some file or folder locations will need to be modified in order to suit your environment.

Full System Backup

  1. You need to shutdown all DSA's using the command dxserver stop all. If using UNIX/LINUX, run the command as user "dsa".

  2. Run a ckpdb or dxbackupdb for each database in order to backup the Ingres databases at this point. It's always a good idea to have a last known good backup on the backup tapes.

  3. Then you need to shut Ingres down. On windows, use the services control panel and stop the Ingres service. On Unix/Linux, you can simply run ingstop as the "ingres" user.

  4. Once you've confirmed that all services are stopped for CA Directory and Ingres and the databases have been backed up, you can then proceed to backup the entire server.

  5. Once the full system backup is complete, restart the Directory services in the order of Ingres first (via services control panel if Windows) - or ingstart as the "ingres" user for Unix/Linux, then the DSA's with the command dxserver start all as user "dsa" on UNIX/LINUX.

Backup with CA Directory & Ingres running

  1. You should checkpoint / backup each of the running Ingres databases. Use either ckpdb or dxbackupdb to do this.

  2. Once the databases have been backed up, you can then begin your Operating System backup.

    • Backup the CA Directory folder structure
      Windows:          %DXHOME%
      UNIX/LINUX:      $DXHOME

    • Backup the entire %II_SYSTEM% (on Windows) or $II_SYSTEM (on Linux/Unix) except for
      On Windows: %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\data and %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\work
      On Linux/Unix: $II_SYSTEM/ingres/data and $II_SYSTEM/ingres/work


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