XCOMU0297E Error requesting header confirmation: Txpi 227: Socket received 0 bytes


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CA XCOM Data Transport CA XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC


This error message can appear when doing a loopback transfer or sending files to these platforms after a new install. It usually indicates there is a problem with the TCPIP Configuration; in particular the inetd.conf file configuration.


If you still have the old Getting Started Guide for CA XCOM Data Transport for AIX, HP-UX (includes IA64), and Sun Solaris for r11, it has the incorrect path specified in the section Configuring TCP/IP from the Command Line where it describes updating the inetd.conf file.


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for UNIX, Linux


To configure TCP/IP, follow these steps: 

At the command line, verify that you are in superuser mode.

For all systems, use vi or another editor to update the configuration file /etc/inetd.conf with the following lines:

    txpi stream tcp nowait root /opt/xcom/lib/xcomtcp xcomtcp REMOTE 0

    txpis stream tcp nowait root /opt/xcom/lib/xcomtcp xcomtcp REMOTE 0 SSL

Note the following in the above commands:

* The argument following REMOTE is a zero.

* Each command must be entered on a single line.

For 11.6 SP1, please see Remote Session Control Parameters in the current manual.