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High CPU usage by iGateway on AIX servers running Audit r8 SP1 CR3


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Some Audit users have seen excessive CPU usage by the iGateway process on their AIX servers after installing the Audit r8 SP1 CR3 Client.


The iGateway version for AIX that is supplied with the Audit r8 SP1 CR3 Client has been found to cause high CPU usage on some AIX servers.

If after installing the Audit r8 SP1 CR3 Client you start to see the iGateway process consume CPU please open a support issue and reference this Technical Document.

Also please run the acstat utility on the problem AIX server and attach the output to the issue through the issue in Support Online.

(Please see TechDoc TEC484697 if you need instructions on using the Audit acstat utility)

The Audit Support Engineer will review the acstat output to confirm that an updated iGateway version will be the appropriate resolution for your issue and then either supply you with the updated iGateway or will request further information if needed.


Component: ADTCTL