What are the steps to remove CPF from my system?
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What are the steps to remove CPF from my system?


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We no longer need CPF on this system. How do I remove it without affecting other processing?




Component: ACF2MS


CPF can be removed from the system without an IPL. These are the steps:

  1. Issue a SHOW CPF to determine the current environment, i.e.; the names of the journal files to be deleted and the identity of other nodes whose CPF records may have to be changed.

  • Set NOCPF in the GSO OPTS record for the appropriate sysid.

  • Delete the CPF records.

  • REFRESH the OPTS and CPF records.

  • Stop CPF.

  • Issue SHOW CPF to verify it is stopped. 

  • Follow up with a SHOW CPF on the other nodes in the network (see #1).

  • Delete the NODEDEF record defining this node from the CPF records at the other nodes.

These are the ACF2 and operator commands to accomplish these steps:

  1. acf
    show cpf

  • set c(gso) sysid(xxxx) for local sysid
    cha opts nocpf

  • set c(cpf) sysid(xxxx)
    del options
    del like(nodedef-)

  • f acf2,refresh(opts)
    f acf2,refresh(all),type(cpf)

  • f acf2,cpf(stop)

  • show cpf

    ****** at remote nodes ******

  • show cpf

  • set c(cpf) sysid(yyyy) for local sysid
    del nodedef.zzzzzzzz where zzzzzzzz is the name of the node being deleted
    f acf2,refresh(nodedef),type(cpf)

If the CPF OPTIONS record on the remote systems includes references to the deleted node, issue the following commands as appropriate:

    cha options dftcmd(zzzzzzzz)  del
    cha options dftpsw(zzzzzzzz) del
    f acf2,refresh(options),type(cpf)