What is the purpose of the WHOIS module in TCPaccess?
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What is the purpose of the WHOIS module in TCPaccess?


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Describes the purpose of the WHOIS module.


The TCPaccess WHOIS TSO command processor acts as a WHOIS client and queries a default or user-specified WHOIS server to get information about a user-specified name. Information received from the WHOIS server is printed to your terminal.

This command can be used to obtain information about hosts and individuals who use the network.

Command syntax:

WHOIS NAME(lookup_name ) [ HOST( server_host ) ]
[ SYSID( subsystem_ID ) ]

The command can be issued from TSO with the command TSO WHOIS and any parameters.

If you look in your LINK library, it shows

       Name    Prompt      Alias-of     Size      TTR     AC    AM   RM
______ WHOIS               ACCWHOIS   0000DAF0   001D0E   00    31   24

So you can issue the command TSO ACCWHOIS instead of WHOIS to access our module if you have concatenation issues with other vendor libraries.

Please be aware that we do have WHOIS defined in the default DNRSVC00 table that we supply:

That entry in the table would only be accessed by a TCPaccess application program that issues a DIRSRV GET SERVICE request for WHOIS.

An application would have to be written in order for that to occur.

For more detail, please refer to Chapter 10 of the TCPaccess User Guide.

You can also refer to RFC 954 for more information about the WHOIS service.


Component: NTCPAC