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Error PRJ-10011: You do not have rights to extend the project dates. This error occurs when saving updates in the Resource Planning: Allocation > Weekly Detail view.


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When editing the Resource Planning: Allocation, Weekly Detail view, on the 'save' action the user gets the following error:

PRJ-10011: You do not have rights to extend the project dates.

The changes the user is making is causing the project finish date to move out.


If the allocation changes exceed the project finish date you need either Project Management or Project Edit rights.

If the resource does have the availability to meet the allocation needs for that time period, then it will try to push out the project finish date. If you do not have rights to change the project finish date, then the allocation for that time period cannot be increased for that resource.

If the resource has the availability to fulfill the requested allocation within the project start and finish dates it will allow the allocation to be changed without trying to modify the project dates.

To avoid getting the error you can:

  1. Give the user appropriate project edit access rights, or;
  2. Avoid entering allocation in a time period that would extend the project finish date, when the resource manager does not have rights to edit the project.




Release: ESPCLA99000-13.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus