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APM - Error 25004. Error writing database schema (code 0xe5630088) Upgrading APM 4.7 with MS SQL 2000 to a later version of APM.


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When upgrading a CMS from a APM 4.7 running with SQL 2000 to a later version of APM running with SQL 2005 the following error may be encountered.

Error 25004. Error writing database schema : A Java runtime error occurred. (code 0xe5630088). Description: 'java.lang.Exception:

wigan.infrastruct.WgnException: SQL exception at line 1080
of 'Wgn_UniversalExtractor.sql' : 208: [CMS_NAME]Invalid object
name 'Wgn_UE_Export'. containing com.inet.tds.y: Msg 208, Level 16, State
1, Procedure WgnUEExportEvents_Def, Line 28, Sqlstate S0002
[CMS_NAME]Invalid object name 'Wgn_UE_Export'.'.

Wgn_UE_Export was introduced in APM 4.7 SP2 and is used by the Universal Extractor (UE). However, the UE does not work with MSSQL 2000. The stored procedures required for the UE are only installed against Oracle and MSSQL 2005.


Customers upgrading from 4.7 to later versions of APM or CA DLP are advised to discuss their upgrade requirements with CA as custom upgrade packages may be required.


Component: DLPAPM