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Would like to start one or more CA APAS requests that are in the CA APAS Insight Natural library during the start up of an Adabas MPM but do not want to copy and maintain separate versions of the requests in DBGIN.


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APAS Insight Monitor for Adabas PLEU



This document explains how to use the CA APAS GLOBALS INIT-JOB parameter to automatically submit a batch JCL job stream during the initialization of CA APAS when an Adabas MPM is started that can start CA APAS requests in the CA APAS Insight Natural library.


When an Adabas MPM is started up, the CA APAS GLOBALS statement is read in from the CA APAS DBGIN data set during the initialization of CA APAS. If the INIT-JOB GLOBALS parameter is specified, the batch JCL job stream named by the parameter is automatically submitted to the internal reader during the initialization of CA APAS. This batch JCL job stream can be used for performing any task or tasks that may be necessary during startup such as starting CA APAS requests from the CA APAS Insight Natural library.

Specify the JCL job name in the CA APAS GLOBALS INIT-JOB parameter:

GLOBALS    . . .     INIT-JOB= jclname     . . .          ; 

The JCL job stream must reside in the data set defined in the APASJCL DD statement in to the Adabas MPM:

//APASJCL  DD   DISP=SHR,DSN=hlq.mlq.llq 

In addition to the APASJCL DD statement, the APASRDR DD statement is also required to be defined in the Adabas MPM and it should point to the JES internal reader:


The SYSOUT class must be set according to your installation's job class conventions.

Create a batch Natural job in the APASJCL data set with NATPARM of ADAMODE=0,IM=D and CMSYNIN input cards:

//CMSYNIN DD *LOGON inslibnmINSIGHTSTART, rqstname,dbidno .      /* 


inslibnm is the Insight Natural library name implemented on your system.
rqstname is the CA APAS request in the Insight Natural library to be started.
dbidno is the database number the CA APAS request is to be started on.

You can start as many requests as needed by adding additional START lines with the appropriate rqstname specified.

If using Natural Security, contact your Natural Security administrator to set up the required security definitions in Natural Security and then add the necessary Natural Security statements to the batch Natural job.


Component: APAS