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I am seeing "AHD03026: Checked out by another user" within Service Desk.


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As the error suggests records checked out by other users are being locked. To resolve this you will need to can cancel records held by another user and adjust your exclusive lock settings.


Install ?canchk? in the Options Manager. The canchk in the Options Manager cancels record lock held by another user.

Set ExclLockSeconds 120 in the web.cfg. The web.cfg is located under \Program Files\CA\Service Desk\bopcfg\www. The ExclLockSeconds specifies a number of seconds that a user is given an exclusive lock on a record.


# ExclLockSeconds specifies the maximum number of seconds that a user is
# given an exclusive lock on a record after pressing Edit. After this
# period has elapsed, the webengine releases the lock, allowing other users
# to update the record.
# IMPORTANT: ExclLockSeconds must be shorter than Timeout. When comparing,
# note that ExclLockSeconds is in seconds, while Timeout is in minutes.

ExclLockSeconds 120


Component: ARGIS