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My DSM scheduled report fail with the error: "Reporter Job Failed. Reporter returned: 7".


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Sometimes schedule definition corruption causes a scheduled report to permanently fail when executed automatically by the engines, while manual execution of the report still succeeds

Failed job result sample:

______________________________________________________Job: Reporter Job  <Report Name>Asset: SystemEngineStatus: ERRORDate: <Date> <Time>Runs: 0Cancelled: 0Elapsed Time: <nn> secondsStatus Comments: Reporter Job Failed. Reporter returned: 7______________________________________________________

where <Report Name> is the name of the failing report.
           <Date> and <Time> are the date and time the scheduled report was executed.
           <nn> is the number of seconds taken by the report to run till the error appeared.


The error message previously mentioned is caused in most cases by a corruption in the definition of the report scheduling.

To verify this is the case, open the DSM reporter and try a manual execution of the failing report.
       If the report execution fails when run manually, the problem can be in the report itself, so it has to be reviewed till it works as expected.
       If such execution is successful then the most likely cause for the error to appear is the previously mentioned corruption in the scheduling definition.

To solve this problem, just unlink the job corresponding to the failing report from the engine, delete it, create a new job for the scheduled report and link it again to the engine.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence